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Home Sweet Home

Sober Souls Ranch takes pride in being a clean and safe recovery environment. For over ten years, we’ve provided a safe, supportive and structured environment for thousands of people. Year after year people call Sober Souls home as they recover from their disease and make their first steps toward new and healthy lifestyles. Featuring two comfy sober living homes off Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana, Sober Souls continues to provide the surrounding communities with a safe sober home for people in recovery need.

Building Your Future

Our locations were custom-designed to facilitate a sober living environment. We conduct random drug testing, and have a zero-tolerance policy for drug and/or alcohol use and/or possession. Each client is required to actively work a program of recovery – to this extent five meetings (12-step, private therapy from an outside provider, intensive outpatient classes/groups, etc.) are recommended of all our clients every week.

Here at Sober Souls, we understand the critical role a healthy and structured environment plays in each recovering addicts life. A sober and supportive foundation is critical to the individual in early recovery; equally important is having the resources you need right at your fingertips. In addition to the amenities available at both of our properties, Sober Souls is fully equipped to provide recovering individuals with a safe and secure sober living environment.  Additionally, we host a Cocaine Anonymous meeting open to the public every week – a popular destination for locals in recovery and a great place to forge a support network.

We aim to provide a comfortable and safe environment for addicts making the transition back into a sober life. At the core of our philosophy lies the belief that recovering addicts must safely reconnect with the outside world, aided by a secure environment as their support system and home.

Here at Sober Souls we forge strong and healthy individuals, and provide the environment in which recovery and companionship flourish. We sincerely hope that if you find yourself in need of such an environment, that we can help you along the road of recovery.