Together We Do Recover

Recovery requires a thorough examination of where we’ve been, how we act, and who we wish to become. Fundamentally, however, we here are Sober Souls believe that working with others is vital to this process – recovery depends on helping one another, showing respect for our peers, and learning to deal with life on life’s terms. This communal foundation allows an individual to develop the tools and skills necessary for a sober, successful, and fulfilling future.

Addiction is at its core a self-centered and destructive disease, affecting not only the afflicted individual’s life, but also the lives of those who love and care for his or her wellbeing. That’s why we believe that recovery requires much more than simple abstinence which – taken by itself – rarely stands the test of time. Recovery entails actively working through a process of transformation – changing the way we think about ourselves, how we treat others, and repairing the damage we may have caused along the way.

 Here at Sober Souls, we believe that by providing an informative, structured and supportive network for you or your loved one, true recovery is within reach. Our sober living program is focused on a new design for living for all our clients’ lives.