The Treatment Process Available In The Community

For a recovering addict or alcoholic, the treatment process can vary and can differ for each individual.  The general notion from the substance abuse professionals is that most addicts or alcoholics require a three-phase process in order to recover from drug and or alcohol abuse/dependency.  The first phase would be a detoxification process where the client would enter a hospital or detox center/facility and receive a full medical detox under the supervision of  licensed medical professionals.  The second phase of one’s recovery process would entail entering from detox into a Residential Treatment Facility for at least 28 days.  After Residential Treatment, Sober Living and an Intensive Outpatient Program are the final phases of the recommended recovery process.

Here at Sober Souls Inc. sober living, client’s have and continue to come to us in different phases of their recovery process.  Because of this, we have formed a number of different relationships with facilities, medical professionals, hospitals and treatment providers in and around the Los Angeles area as well as close to Tarzana, Ca, where Sober Souls Inc. is located.  Here at Sober Souls, we have upon request, a list of facilities and community referrals for any level of recovery that a client might require in order to ensure that their time in sober living is productive and sustaining to long term recovery.