Sober Living

Reconnecting With the World

Usually, after Residential Treatment and/or Medical Detox (depending on the severity of a given case), clients are encouraged to carefully reconnect with the world and their professions with the support of a safe and secure location they can call home. Our Sober Living program provides an environment where clients can begin taking steps towards a new healthy lifestyle, with the support of a safe home and a network of people embarking on similar journeys.

Recovering addicts who choose a Sober Living in the early stages of their recovery have a significantly increased chance of achieving sustained sobriety. We here at Sober Souls, along with a multitude of professionals in our field, know that a structured and supportive atmosphere is critical in initiating a “stage of change” in the recovering addict. Functioning as the interval between Detoxification or Inpatient Treatment and the outside world, our Sober Living program has been instrumental in rejuvenating thousands of recovering addicts’ lives.

Sober Souls’ Sober Living program maintains an alcohol and drug free environment. We conduct random drug testing and have a zero tolerance policy for the possession or distribution of alcohol drugs.

At this point in their recovery, clients are encouraged to begin connecting with the outside world. We assist all guests in obtaining job placement in the surrounding community, and encourage our younger clients to acquire job training and education (we are conveniently located near the Metro Orange line, and Pierce College is one quick stop away).